About AzCADV

ACESDV Mission Statement: Commitment to Transparency - Recognized by Intelligent Philanthropy

To lead,
to advocate,
to educate,
to collaborate,
to prevent,
and end sexual and domestic violence in Arizona.

Vision Statement:

We envision a world in which all individuals are safe and communities champion respect and equality.

Guiding Philosophy:

  1. We believe that all people deserve the right to self-direction and control over their own lives.  We are committed to fostering and supporting the empowerment of all individuals, particularly the victims and survivors of domestic violence.
  2. We believe in safety, health, and justice for all abused women in Arizona.  We value women and children who have experienced or witnessed domestic violence and believe we are accountable to them the work that we do.  We are committed to listening to their voices, using their expertise to guide our work, and promoting their leadership.
  3. We believe that abusers must be held accountable for their actions.
  4. We believe that there are multiple factors that contribute to domestic violence.  These factors include: silence about domestic violence; societal acceptance of the unequal distribution of power; societal acceptance of violence; lack of accountability for behavior; and discrimination and intolerance in its many forms, including but not limited to racism, sexism, elitism, ageism, homophobia and the devaluation of persons with disabilities.
  5. We are committed to confronting the roots of violence, oppression, and victim blaming within ourselves, and within economic, social and political systems.  Furthermore, we are committed to facilitating changes necessary to end oppression and violence by promoting equality among all people.
  6. We believe that all members of society deserve to have their voice heard and to participate actively in the development and evaluation of the policies and practices that affect them.  We recognize there are many members of society who have been traditionally devalued and, therefore, have not had a voice.  We are committed to facilitate the inclusion and active participation of these groups and individuals.
  7. We believe that all people are valuable members of the community and deserve to be treated with dignity.  We are committed to promoting and demonstrating our philosophy of respect and equality in all our interactions.
  8. We believe that we must all work together to be successful in changing societal attitudes and systems.  We are committed to honest communication, professional interactions, and active cooperation in creating a coordinated community response to domestic violence.

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