Domestic Violence Info & Resources

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Links to Other Domestic Violence Resources:

Domestic Violence Hotline:

National Domestic Violence Hotline

Domestic Violence Agency Websites

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

National Center for Victims of Crime

Minnesota Center Against Violence and Abuse

General resources for violence and abuse.

Sojourner Center

Community United Against Violence

A New Leaf


Government Websites

U.S. Dept. of Justice – Office on Violence Against Women

Department of Justice -Department of Justice Domestic Violence section.

US DOJ Grant Office – Federal grant office for Violence Against Women.

Bureau of Justice Statistics -Statistics from the Federal Government (Bureau of Justice Statistics)

State of Arizona Crime Victims Services – AZ resources and information for victims of crime, including funding opportunities.

Order of Protection Virtual Court Tour – AZ Supreme Court tour of how to get an Order of Protection.

Arizona Supreme Court – Safety Planning

AZ Supreme Court Benchbook (PDF document) – AZ Supreme Court Benchbook including resources.

Arizona Attorney General – Attorney General`s Website

Arizona Department of Economic Security -Department of Economic Security

Arizona State Legislature

AZ State Legislature

Superior Court, Maricopa County – Self Service Center

MAG Regional Domestic Violence Council – Maricopa Association of Governments DV Council

City of Phoenix Family Advocacy Center

Superior Court, Maricopa County–case information

Superior Court, Maricopa County–Self Service Center

Social Security Administration

Arizona State Bar – search for lawyers

Maricopa County Bar Association

Arizona 211 – Feeling the Economic Crunch – With record home foreclosures, restrictions in the credit market, and increasing gasoline and food costs, all Arizonans are impacted by the economy right now. This project was designed to provide useful tips and resources to help you weather through the current tough economic times. You can help others who are feeling the economic crunch by encouraging families, friends, neighbors, colleagues and people you come into contact with at work or school to visit this website.

Arizona Department of Economic Security Health-e-Arizona – Health-e-Arizona is an on-line application for Arizona residents. You can apply for medical coverage, Nutrition Assistance (Food Stamps), and cash assistance. You can use Health-e-Arizona even if you have applied before or are currently receiving benefits. Health-e-Arizona es una solicitud electrónica para los residentes de Arizona. Usted puede aplicar para cobertura Médica, Asistencia Nutriciónal (Estampillas de Comida), y Asistencia Financiera. Usted puede usar Health-e-Arizona aunque ya haya aplicado anteriormente o si actualmente recibe beneficios.

Teen Dating Violence

See it and Stop It

Love is Not Abuse – An excellent site about teen dating violence sponsored by Liz Claiborne, Inc.

National Teen Dating Violence Helpline

Web of Friends – Maricopa County Dating Violence website

Choose Respect

Teen Dating Violence Prevention and Awareness Week Toolkit

Kaity’s Way

Domestic Violence – General

Family Violence Prevention Fund -Has good information about Health Issue and Domestic Violence and Battered Immigrant Issue and Domestic Violence.

Northwest Network -For Gay, Lesbian, bisexual and transgender population.

National Online Resource Center on Violence Against Women

FaithTrust Institute -Sexual Assault and DV, also has a focus on the religious response to DV.

Violence Against Women Online Resources

Toolkit to End Violence Against Women-A national toolkit to end violence against women.

Men Stopping Violence-A movement of men to stop violence against women.

End Stalking in America -End Stalking In America, Inc. (based in AZ)

The Safety Zone – Alcohol Connection -The Safety Zone about DV and alcohol Arizona Web sites for Domestic Violence.

Community Information and Referral (Central and Northern AZ)

Arizona Information and Referral Services -(Southern AZ)

American Bar Association -Has a good list of statistics and how to problem solve so that an abuser cannot find out your email or web activities.

Men`s Anti-Violence Network

Area Agency on Aging – Area Agency on Aging, Region One (they have a Late Life DV program)


New York City Gay and Lesbian Anti-Violence Project

Domestic Violence Project of Silicon Valley

About Gay Life

Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays

Violence Against Women Online Resources

Anti-stalking Web site

Communities Against Violence Network – CAVNET – The Online Think Tank and Database of the Violence Against WomenMovement

European Human Rights Centre

EMPACT-SPC – We provide free therapy and group services to survivors of domestic violence, in addition to services provided for sexual abuse victims. We can also supply: crisis services, relocation help, case management and advocacy.

Maricopa Integrated Health System – The mission of the Center for Healthcare Against Family Violence is to provide educational resources, expertise and research support to the healthcare community and to ensure that support and services are provided to those affected by family violence. 2601 E. Roosevelt St., Phoenix, AZ 85008 Phone: 602-344-1545

Bravey Project-Bravery is visual story telling about triumph over darkness. It’s a unique perspective about those who managed to break free from a life of suffering. These amazing people pick up the pieces of their lives and move on to thier goals and dreams with incredible inner strength, and they all have a message to share.

Fix the Hurt Performing Arts Group- Linda and John started Fix The Hurt Performing Arts Group and they are dedicated to using the performing arts, education and training to prevent domestic violence. By telling the story in such a dramatic way, and then offering education and training in Domestic Violence, we will make a difference in ending this devastating plague that has been attacking our society far too long.

Center for Healthcare Against Domestic Violence – MIHS- The mission of the Center for Healthcare Against Family Violence is to provide educational resources, expertise and research support to the healthcare community and to ensure that support and services are provided to those affected by family violence.

Human Resource Essential-Stephanie Angelo, SPHR is an award winning specialist in working with companies to resolve domestic violence’s hidden costs to employers. She consults with executives and managers to improve performance, productivity and profitability by implementing a total solution package.

C.A.R.E.S. Ministries-Christian Ambassadors Reaching Every Soul

RAVE- Religion and Violence e-Learning.

National Center on Elder Abuse-Elder abuse issues.

National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence- Training, Consulting and Advocacy

The Domestic Violence University – Aurora Behavioral Health System is Arizona’s largest free-standing psychiatric hospital system offering behavioral health inpatient treatment as well as robust outpatient services. Aurora currently has two hospitals in Arizona – Aurora West in Glendale and Aurora East in Tempe, both of which treat adults and adolescents. Aurora is dedicated to the wellness of individuals, their families and the community through prevention, intervention and treatment. As a teaching hospital, Aurora is also dedicated to providing learning opportunities for its colleagues and is, therefore, excited to be offering this one-of-a-kind online CEU seminar that focuses on an often misunderstand, yet prevalent topic. Aurora and Human Resource Essential have joined forces with some of the leading experts in this field to supply you with a solid foundation of knowledge that you can apply in your every day working environment.

Systems Advocacy

The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Arizona State Legislature

Toolkit to End Violence Against Women

Parent for Megan’s Law- Parents for Megan’s Law and the Crime Victims Center (PFML/CVC) provides national Helpline community support and assistance on issues related to Megan’s Law, sex offender management and sexual assault prevention. We are funded by the U.S. Justice Department to staff the National Megan’s Law Helpline to support the community when sex offender notifications are implemented and to provide appropriate law enforcement referrals when registrants are failing to comply with registration requirements or are in positions of trust which may pose a risk to public safety.

Victim/Survivor Information Sharing

The Lamplighters-Support for adult survivors of child sexual abuse, incest, domestic violence, rape and sexual assault.

Ready 2 Live-READY 2 LIVE Women Rebuilding Lives from Abusive Relationships

Live Free

Financial Resources for Survivors and Advocates

A New Leaf’s MesaCAN has an IDA program for home ownership and education.

Annual Credit Report is a site to access credit reports from Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. You may access a free credit report from each agency once a year.

Arizona Address Confidentiality Program provides a confidential address for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking. 

CNN Debt Calculator offers the ability to calculate different options to pay off debt. It can tell how long it will take to pay off a debt with minimum payments, provide an outline on how to pay off debt within a certain time, or tell how much interest will be paid on a debt.

Newtown Community Development Corporation offers services and programs, including an IDA to Maricopa County residents.

Purple Purse is a site designed as a shopping website to provide resources for people who may be looking for support for themselves or others.

Social Security Administration offers information to assist women with social security changes.

 - Information for Women

 - New Numbers for Domestic Violence Survivors

VAWNet offers special collections on topics that are specific to domestic violence survivors and may be helpful in supporting them. Below are links to the collections:

Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and other Tax Credits

Asset Building and Individual Development Accounts

Housing and Sexual Violence

Poverty and Domestic Violence

Credit and Domestic Violence

Employmenet and Domestic Violence

Housing and Domestic Violence

Welfare and Domestic Violence, a project of NNEDV, provides legal information and support to victims of domestic

Safety Planning Financial Resources for Survivors and Advocates:

Allstate Moving Ahead Through Financial Management – Short Term Financial Planning Guide

Find a Local Domestic Violence Program

Georgia Legal Services Program- Example of a Financial Safety Plan

National Domestic Violence Hotline Safety Planning