Problem Solving

Survivors say that one of the hardest things about being in a battering relationship, or trying to get out and stay out, is dealing with financial troubles. Finding a decent place to live, trying to hold down a job, or get good childcare — it can seem so overwhelming.

Click to Empower

The Allstate Foundation has created programs for survivors seeking refuge from economic abuse. Check out their Financial Empowerment Curriculum and their Education and Job Training Assistance Fund.

Legal Advocacy Hotline

The legal advocacy hotline provides information and answers questions relating to navigating the legal system, your legal rights, resource and referral, and safety planning. Click here to get more information about the Legal Advocacy Hotline.

Safety Planning

Safety plans help victims anticipate the dangers they still face. Before you attempt to leave or take any legal or financial steps to separate from your abuser, you should be aware that the danger of violence escalates when a woman attempts to leave. Click the links below to create a personalized Safety Plan.  For safety plans regarding children, please click here for our Resources page and look under ‘Children and Families’.

Safety Plan
Safety Plan – Spanish