Legal Advocacy

The Arizona Coalition to End Sexual and Domestic Violence provides legal advocacy service through the following:


Lay legal advocates are specialized individuals who assist victims and survivors of sexual and domestic violence by helping them through various processes.

  • Providing support and listening – help processing a situation and creating a safety plan.
  • Assisting with filing for protective orders, serving and enforcing
  • Accessing the fullest protections provided under the law
  • Overview of the law:
  • Explaining what legal protections exist
  • Preparing the survivor to speak their truth (testifying in court, reporting to police, etc)
  • Accompanying a survivor to court proceedings and providing emotional support through the process
  • Providing information and tools for screening and selecting legal assistance (attorney)
  • Encouraging and assisting the survivor when preparing for next steps
  • Helping to ensure that the survivor has time to process information and can make informed decisions
  • Helping to connect to support groups & counseling
  • Connecting a survivor to support systems and resources and connecting with community and public benefits
      • Criminal justice
      • Family law
      • Civil
      • Juvenile law, including Child Protective Services
      • Immigration
      • Full Faith and Credit