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Every three days in Arizona, someone dies in a domestic violence related incident. The deceased include adult and minor victims of abuse, parents & siblings, targeted family members related to a victim of abuse, and bystanders. Also included in this toll are the perpetrators who commit suicide after a completed or attempted homicide as well as perpetrators who are killed by law enforcement when responding to a domestic violence call.  The Coalition tracks these deaths through available media information and has tracked over 100 domestic violence related deaths annually.  Unfortunately, there are many more fatalities committed that we have not obtained knowledge of as well.  Most of these domestic violence homicides are committed by men, and most of the victims are women and children.

The Coalition works with the Arizona Attorney General’s Office in order to support the ongoing efforts of our state’s Fatality Review Teams (FRTs). The purpose of established FRTs is to analyze past homicides and the relationship of the victim and perpetrator with the hopes of preventing future fatalities by systemically supporting victims and their families of domestic violence and holding offenders accountable.  This process includes creating and implementing recommendations made by the individual teams in order to improve policies, procedures, and collaboration among agencies based on what the team learns throughout the review.

Arizona currently has 12 established Domestic Violence Fatality Review Teams located in:
City of Phoenix  |  Cochise County  |  Coconino County  |  East Valley Cities

Mohave County | Navajo County | Pima County  |  Pinal County  |  Santa Cruz County
West Valley Cities | Yavapai County  |  Yuma County

Several other communities have expressed interest in this important process, and we are working to support both the existing and potential teams. For more information about Domestic Violence Fatality Review, please contact ACESDV via email.

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